Instructor's Summary

Professor Chris Schutte

Professor Chris Schutte, PE, PhD, MBL, MSc, is an International Expert in Water Utilization Engineering with over 40 years of practical industrial experience in this field worldwide.  His areas of expertise includes Water Chemistry, Membrane Processes, Industrial Effluents, Waste Water Treatment, Water Quality Management and Industrial Water Management.  He is currently the Professor of Water Utilization Engineering.

During his career life, Professor Schutte was the CEO of the Water Supply Authority where he managed & controlled the operation of eight major water treatment plants together and six major sewage treatment plants. Professor Schutte took charge of the establishment of the organisation, development and implementation of systems & procedures locally and was further responsible for the provision of safe drinking water and the treatment of sewage in all urban areas. Previously, he was the Manager of the Water Research Commission and was responsible for the coordination & management of research on Water Treatment, Water Reclamation, Desalination & Dry Cooling.   Prior to this, he had further filled various challenging and important supervisory positions for different national and international companies & organizations such as the Council for Scientific & Industrial Research, the National Malt, the National Institute for Water Research and more.

Professor Schutte is a Registered Professional Engineer with PhD, Master & Bachelor degrees in Chemical Engineering & Industrial Chemistry.  He has also a Master degree in Business Leadership.   Further, he keeps fellowship with the Water Institute and is a well regarded member of the International Water Association (IWA), the European Desalination Society and the International Desalination Association (IDA).  Moreover, he has numerous publications, technical papers, and patents all in the area of Water Treatment & Management.  He had also given numerous presentations at international conferences such as the European Desalination Society: Conference on Desalination and the Environment, the World Water Congress of the International Water Association, the International Association on Water Quality Conference, the International Water Supply Association Conference, the International Congress on Membrane Processes Conference, the World Congress on Desalination and Water Reuse, the International Association on Water Pollution Research and Control and the World Congress of Engineers and Architects.