Instructor's Summary

Mr. Ahmed El Ghanamy

Dr. Ahmed El Ghanamy is a Senior Management Consultant with over 25 years of extensive experience in Contract Management, Project Management, Procurement & Purchasing Management, Performance Management, Quality Driven Organization, Qualitative & Quantitative Research Methods, Contract Negotiation, Financial & Accounting Management, Logistics Operations, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Control Management and Vendor Selection Process.  He is currently the Assistant General Manager of Petroleum Marine Company wherein he is responsible for the financial, contract and purchasing activities of the entire organization.

During his career life, Dr. El Ghanamy has worked with various international companies and handled challenging positions such as a Financial General Manager, Procurement Assistant General Manager, Account Payable Assistant General Manager, Procurement Department Head, Procurement Section Head, Follow-up Specialist and Inventory Control & Classification Specialist apart from being an Instructor and Consultant to different consultancy engineering companies.

Dr. El Ghanamy has a PhD in Business Management and a Bachelor degree in Commerce.  Further, he has obtained various certifications including Purchasing & Project Contract Management” from the University of Connecticut (USA), “Material Management”, The Negotiation Strategy” and many more.