Instructor's Summary

Mr. Mohamed Mostafa

Mr. Mohamed Mostafa is a Senior Analytical Chemist with over 25 years of extensive experience within the Refinery, Utilities, Power and Oil & Gas industries. His expertise highly covers Oil & Water Laboratories, Analytical Chemistry, Analytical Laboratory, Trace Analysis, Process Analyzers, R&D and R&T Engineering, Instrument Calibration & Troubleshooting, Analytical Instruments (ICP-AES & TOC Analyzer, Automatic Flash Point Testers, Gas Chromatograph, Liquid Chromatograph, NIR Analyzer, SCD and other automated apparatus performing tests) in accordance with the ASTM, IP, UOP and APHA methods and standards. He is also a specialist in Support Refinery Health and Safety Management System, Environmental Management System (EMS), Gas Laboratory & Trace Metals Laboratory, Laboratory Information and Management System (LIMS), Total Quality Management (TQM), Multi Stage Flash (MSF), Reverse Osmosis (RO), MTBE, Vapor Compression, Water Analysis, Water Desalination Technology, Atomic Absorption, UV & Visible Spectrophotometers, Titrimetric Methodology, Chemical Cleaning Operations and HAZOP. Currently, he is the Laboratory General Manager of MIDOR Refinery wherein his key responsibilities include the maintenance of Health and Safety Management System and Environmental Management System, monitoring and reviewing laboratory operations, developing new and modified analytical methods as well as introducing new analytical equipment.

During Mr. Mostafa’s career life, he held significant positions and had great contribution to the industry as the Laboratory General Manager, Gas & Elemental Laboratory Department Manager, Chief Chemist, Site Chemist, Gas Laboratory & Trace Metals Laboratory Supervisor, Laboratory Information and Management System Supervisor, Lab Chemist (Water & Electricity) Supervisor and Lab Technician for various international companies like the MIDOR Refinery, Ruwais Refinery, ADNOC, ADDC, AQUA Engineering Company and SIDEM.

Mr. Mostafa has a Bachelor degree in Chemistry.  Further, he is a Certified Laboratory Quality Manager for ISO 17025:2005 and Approved Internal Auditor for ISO 9001 & 17025:2005.