Instructor's Summary

Mr. Hassan Ali

Mr. Hassan Ali is a Senior Petroleum & Process Engineer with over 20 years of extensive experience in Offshore & Onshore fields within the Oil & gas industries. He has great involvement and expert in all facets of Production Operations including oil plant and process operations for gas compressors stations & its condensate recovery, gas dehydration/regeneration units, troubleshooting, oil production & shipments, operations of sea water intake pumping station, oil storage tanks and loading facilities.  His area of expertise includes Production Chemistry & Chemical Treatment in the Oil & Gas Fields, processing and well testing activities such as gas lift wells & ESP well, natural flow wells, G/I wells, G/L wells, GOSP & LGP and land wells. He is further well-versed in HYSYS & PIPESIM software programs for flow through pipeline and process equipment such as heat exchangers, fired heaters and air coolers and pumps, etc. during his day-to-day work. Further, his wide experience covers Treatment of Crude Oil, Waste Water Treatment Technology, Production Shutdown, Gas Conditioning & Compressors, Plant Shutdown & Partial Shutdown, Surface Production Facilities, Equipment Related and Petroleum Risk Analysis.

Mr. Ali is currently the Field Production General Manager of SUCO that is actively involved in the production operations, where he is a leader for all on-shore facilities, plant & off-shore wells on three platforms, reviewed all equipments parameters such as tanks, vessels, heat exchangers, pumps gas flaring system as well as quality controller of crude oil analysis salt content & shipment crude specifications to tankers, arrange down hole surveys, productions logging tools, water shut off, perforations, chemical & mechanical tubing cleaning as well as operations of off-shore gas & oil separation plant, desalter plant, water injection plant, four gas compressor stations & four glycol units, desalination units and R.O units.  Prior to this, he held challenging key positions as a Production Engineer, Onshore Process Shift Engineer, Field Offshore Production Engineer, Offshore Supervisor, Process & Facilities Engineer, Production Supervisor, Processing Supervisor and a Senior Production Operations Engineer. His experience was not only confined to the industry alone.  He has been the Senior Plant Engineer in KJO and he was also able to contribute his expertise and impart his knowledge as a Technical Instructor.

Mr. Ali has a Bachelor degree in Petroleum Engineering and an OSHA Certified.