Instructor's Summary

Mr. Mahmoud Shama

Mr. Mahmoud Shama is a Certified API/ASNT Inspector & Senior Inspection Engineer with over 20 years of Offshore & Onshore experience within the Petrochemical, Refinery and Oil & Gas industries. His expertise widely evolves in the construction, installation fabrication, erection, inspection, maintenance, assessment, rating, repair, alteration, reconstruction and integrity assessment of Hydrocarbon Fraction Units, Hydrocarbon Distillation Towers, Acid Gas Removal Units, Dehydration Units, Mercury Removal Units, Sulfur Removal Units, Liquefaction Units, Piping, Pipelines, Tanks, Fuel Storage Tanks, Rotating Equipment, Static Equipment, Refractory Inspection, Risk Based Inspection, Risk Based Assessment, Damage Mechanisms, Fitness-for-Service, Deterioration Mechanisms & Failure Modes, Risk Deterioration, Risk Management, Risk Mitigation, Reassessment & Updating RBI Assessment, RBI Documentation & Record Keeping, Welding Codes, Welding Qualification, Visual Inspection & Load Testing, Radiography Interpretation, Boroscopic Internal Inspection, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Oil Heaters, Coolers, Boilers, Furnace, Cryogenic (LNG) Tanks Plant Piping, Cryogenic Heat Exchangers, Welding Technology, Metallurgy, Condition Monitoring, Corrosion Monitoring, Cathodic Protection, Process Inspections, Painting, Vibration Analysis, NDT Activities, Construction & Mechanical Integrity, Process Piping Design and Failure Analysis. He has further practical experience in ISO Certifications, QA/QC, Lifting Equipment, Oil Heaters, Coolers, Re-Boilers, Separators, Gas Boots, LPG Bullets, Air Driers, Sand Blasting, Roller Bearing, Practical Vibration Measurements and at the same time, he is an international expert with several codes and standards in the process industry such as API, ASME, CSWIP, ANSI, ASTM, NACE, TEMA, HEI, ISO, AUC, etc.


Throughout his career life, Mr. Mahmoud has provided significant contributions to the industries by acquiring key positions such as being the Senior Inspection Engineer, Lead Integrity Engineer, Senior Welding Inspector, Inspector Engineer, Technical Trainer, NDT & Document Controller, Technical Instructor and API & Corrosion Instructor for international companies such as SEGAS and GPC just to name a few.


Mr. Mahmoud has a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and is currently taking a Diploma in Applied Chemistry. He is a Certified Senior Welding Inspector (CSWIP), Certified Risk Based Inspection (API-580), Certified Tank Inspector (API-653), Certified Pressure Vessel Inspector (API-510), Certified Damage Mechanisms Inspector (API-571), Certified Refractory Inspector (API-936) as well as a Certified ASNT Level I & II in Radiographic Testing, Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Magnetic Testing (MT), Liquid Penetrant Test (PT). Further, he is a Certified Instructor/Trainer, and a Qualified Fitness for Service (API 579), Piping Inspector (API 570), Welding Inspection & Metallurgy (API 577) and Source Inspection (API SI).