Instructor's Summary

Mr. Mohammad Hamami

Mr. Mohammad Hamami is an International Expert in Process Engineering  with over 40 years of industrial experience within Oil, Gas, Refineries and Petrochemical Plants all over the Middle East, the USA and Canada.  He is currently a Senior Process Engineering Consultant wherein he expertly conducts various courses on the different facets of Process Engineering from concept development to hands-on start-up, shutdown and troubleshooting

Mr. Hamami‚Äôs expertise can be traced back to his vast experiences in the industrial realm.  He was able to work as the Senior Plant Manager for a Gas Plant in the Middle East.  Prior to that, he was the Plant Manager for different Oil Refineries.  His skills were honed fully as he held different positions such as Refinery Manager, Operations Manager, Section Head/Superintendent and Process Engineer for Process Units, Utilities & Oil Movement in various companies.  He has been responsible for a number of technological-driven world-scale hydrocarbon processing projects from beginning to successful start-up

Mr. Hamami has a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering.  He is an active member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and has presented technical papers at its several national meetings.  He has largely participated in the start-up of seven world-scale process plants which made him an International Expert in Process Plant Start-Up and Oil Movement.