Haward Technology has delivered internationally-accredited courses for major oil and gas, power and process companies through its public and in-house courses while implementing a balanced fusion of theory, application and industry best practices in the delivery of its training programs.

We deliver public courses in major cities in the Middle East like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Manama and Dammam, as well as in cities in other parts of the world like London, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur and Amsterdam to name a few. Please click these tabs to view our Public Training Schedules.

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In addition to the above, any of our public courses may also be tailored and delivered as in-house courses that feature the industry's best practices and modern concepts. Below enlists our comprehensive list of courses across 22 engineering disciplines:

Issue 06 Rev 67 as of January 13, 2020
Process & Chemical Engineering
Reference Course Title Duration Add for me
PE0001 Industrial Drying, Principles, Selection and Design 5
PE0002(HW1) Correct Operation and Adjustment of Belt Filter Press (On-the-Job Training) 5
PE0003(HW1) WWTP11: Operate and Adjust Belt Filter Correctly 5
PE0004 Bag Filters Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting 5
PE0005 Introduction to Process Plant Equipment 5
PE0010 Oil Movement, Storage & Troubleshooting 5
PE0010(KP4) Oil Movement, Storage and Troubleshooting 4
PE0012 Gas Stripping Towers/Desalter Functions/Maintenance 5
PE0013(TA1) Introduction to DoE 2
PE0014DH Upstream Petroleum Industry Process Engineering for Non-Process Engineers 4
PE0015 Applied Hydrogenation & Gasification Technology 5
PE0016 Design Expert 4
PE0017 H2 Plant 5
PE0018(KP4) Hydrogen Production by Steam Reforming 4
PE0019(KJ1) Hydrogen Sulphide Stripping Process 5
PE0020 Process Equipment Design, Sizing, Selection, Applications & Troubleshooting 5
PE0020(BO1) Applied Process Design - Equipment Sizing, Selection, Applications, Troubleshooting, Process Control and Process Safety 5
PE0021(YA1) Process Equipment Design 5
PE0022 Train-The-Trainer: Process Equipment 10
PE0023 Train-The-Trainer: Process (General) 10
PE0024 Polymer Weathering Durability & Degradation 5
PE0025 Polymers & Polymerization 5
PE0026 Polymers & Composites 5
PE0027 Polymer Degradation 5
PE0028 Introduction to Polymers 5
PE0029 Hydro-Treating Technology 4
PE0030 Polymer Reaction Engineering 5
PE0031 Polymer Engineering 5
PE0033 Technical Skills Injection Fitting 3
PE0034 Primary Reforming 3
PE0036 Extrusion of PMMA Polymer 5
PE0037 Polymer Degradation and Additives 5
PE0040 Chemical Reaction Engineering Application 5
PE0041 Unsaturated Polyester Resin 5
PE0042 Phosphatic Industry, Diammonium Phosphate, Monoammonium Phosphate, NPK 5
PE0044(GA2) Troubleshooting Improvement 5
PE0045 Solution of Complex Process Problems by Using Artificial Neural Networks 5
PE0046 Complex Operational Troubleshooting & Basic Incident Root Cause Analysis & Corrective Actions 5
PE0047(QF2) Bulk Materials Handling Problem Solving 2
PE0049 Process Equipment and Piping Systems: Application, Design and Operation 5
PE0050 Elements of Applied Process Engineering 5
PE0051(SR1) Equipment Internal Inspection for Process Engineers 2
PE0052 Chemical Engineering for Non-Chemical Engineers 5
PE0053 Chemical Field Trials 5
PE0055 Process Reactors: Operation, Troubleshooting, Start-Up & Shutdown 5
PE0056(AD6) Basic Surface Facilities Part One: Process 5
PE0057(AD6) Basic Surface Facilities Part Two: Equipment 5
PE0058 Surface Facilities Process (Basic) 5
PE0058(AD6) Advanced Surface Facilities Part One: Process 5
PE0059(AD6) Advanced Surface Facilities Part Two: Equipment 5
PE0060 Fertilizer Manufacturing Process Technology 5
PE0061 Fertilizer Storage Management (Ammonia & Urea) 5
PE0062(SA1) Ammonia Plant Operation, Troubleshooting & Optimization 5
PE0065 Mechanical Behavior of Polymers: Correlation with Structure 5
PE0070 Advances in Emulsion Polymerization and Latex Technology 5
PE0073 Process Systems Foundations 5
PE0075 Oil Production and Processing Facilities 5
PE0076 Oil Field Operations & Water Treatment 5
PE0077(OR1) UOP LPG Merox Unit 2
PE0079 Introduction to Oil and Gas Production Operations, Field and Facilities 5
PE0080 Plastic Processing Handling 5
PE0081(KJ1) Oil Field Operations 5
PE0082 LPG, Oil & Gas Operations & Troubleshooting 5
PE0083 Oil & Gas Operations 46W
PE0084(KJ1) Basics of Oil Field Operations 5
PE0085 Oil & Gas Field Operations: Gas Processing, Hydrates, Dehydration, Sweetening, NGL Recovery & Fractionation, Oil Production, Desalting, Stabilization, Storage Tanks, Mixers, Meter Proving, Cargo Calculations & Flow Measurement 5
PE0085(ZA2) Operation Skills Training 4
PE0087 Gas Processing Overview 1
PE0088(OR1) Gas Processing Overview 1
PE0090 Operations & Maintenance for Typical Gas Processing Plant 4W
PE0091 Foam with Polyolefins 5
PE0093 Polyolefins in Cable 3
PE0094 Oxidation 1
PE0095 Catalyst Material Handling: Loading, Unloading, Oxidation, Reduction & Technique 5
PE0096(OM1) Operator Responsibilities: Basic Plant Production, Safety, Maintenance & Emergency Handling 3
PE0097(OR1) PSA Normal Operation and Troubleshooting 2
PE0098 Production Management 3
PE0100 Process Plant Optimization Technology & Continuous Improvement 5
PE0101 Certified Gas Plant Operator Program (CGO) 5
PE0102 Certified Process Plant Operator: Plant Operations, Control & Troubleshooting 5
PE0103(KJ1) Operator Responsibilities 5
PE0104(KJ1) Plant Operators "Daily Duties & Responsibilities""" 5
PE0105 Process Plant Optimization, Revamping & Debottlenecking 5
PE0106(KJ1) Plant Operator Responsibilities 2
PE0108 Operator Skills Enhancement 3
PE0109 Pumps, Desalters, Dehydrators & Control Valves 5
PE0110 Advanced Process Engineering Designs 5
PE0111 Storage Tanks Operations & Measurements 5
PE0112 Process Plant Troubleshooting and Engineering Problem Solving 5
PE0114 Process Plant Troubleshooting & Engineering Problem Solving 5
PE0114(TA1) Process Troubleshooting & Problem Solving 5
PE0115 Process Plant Performance & Efficiency 5
PE0116 Process Plant Performance Monitoring, Troubleshooting and Engineering Problem Solving 5
PE0117 Process Plant Performance, Efficiency & Optimization: Continuous Improvement & Benchmarking 5
PE0118 Energy Efficiency Improvement for Process Plants 5
PE0119 Acrylic Acid and Butyl Acrylate (Esterification Process) 5
PE0120 Catalyst Selection & Production Optimization 5
PE0121(OR1) Process Utilization & Optimization: Energy Utilization & Optimization 3
PE0123(KP4) Catalysts in the Refining and Petrochemical Industries 4
PE0124(OR1) Catalyst Technology 3
PE0125 Catalyst in Refineries 5
PE0126 Catalyst Selection, Production Optimization & Troubleshooting Process Operations 5
PE0127 Operations Abnormalities & Plant Upset 3
PE0128(KP4) Troubleshooting for Process Operators 5
PE0129 Production Process Optimization, Problem Solving and Operational Troubleshooting 5
PE0130 Process Troubleshooting for Operators & Technicians 5
PE0131(GA2) Gas Processing & Conditioning 5
PE0132(HW1) Troubleshooting Techniques 5
PE0133(QA1) Process Troubleshooting & Problem Solving 5
PE0134 Process Troubleshooting 2
PE0135 Catalyst in Petrochemical Plants 5
PE0136 Troubleshooting Oil and Gas Processing Facilities 5
PE0137 Troubleshooting Processing Facilities & Equipments 5
PE0140 Surface Production Operations in Oil & Gas Field Production Facilities 5
PE0140(SI7) Surface Production Operations 5
PE0145 Industrial Mixing: Fundamentals, Applications, Design, Selection, Performance and Operation 5
PE0150 Process Engineering Problem Solving and Calculations by Programming Spreadsheets 5
PE0151 Process Engineering Design 10
PE0155 Advanced Mixing Technology Practical Applications 5
PE0157 SHELL DEPs & KNPC Engineering Standards Awareness 2
PE0158 Delayed Coker Processing 5
PE0159(AD4) Introduction to Process Engineering 3
PE0160 Process Engineering Fundamentals 5
PE0161(KP4) Fundamentals of Process Engineering 5
PE0162(EQ1) Petrochemical Fundamentals 2
PE0163(SA1) Essentials of Petrochemicals 5
PE0163(AR1) Global Petrochemical Industry (CHE 216) 3
PE0165 Mixing of Liquids & Complex Materials 5
PE0168 Industrial Liquid Mixing 5
PE0170 Introduction to Surface Facilities 5
PE0173(AD6) Oil & Gas Operation/Introduction to Surface Facilities 5
PE0174(AD6) Oil & Gas Production Operation ? Introduction to Surface Facilities 5
PE0175 Powder & Bulk Mixing: Process, Applications and Equipment 5
PE0176 Troubleshooting Processing Facilities & Equipments in Oil & Gas Fields 5
PE0179 Pressure Vessel Operation 3
PE0180 Process Equipment Application & Efficient Operation: Pressure Vessels & Reactors, Storage Tanks 5
PE0181 Vessel Isolations and Degassing 5
PE0182 Review Process Data Sheets of Static and Rotary Equipments 5
PE0183 Review Design Calculation of a Single Static Equipment 10
PE0184 Design and Data Sheet Review of Static and Rotating Equipment and Instruments 3
PE0185 Pilot Plant Design, Installation & Operation 5
PE0186(KJ1) Plant Simulators (Operations & Applications) 5
PE0187(OR1) OTS Instructor Training 5
PE0188 Introduction to Pilot Plant 5
PE0195 Pilot Plant and Scale-Up Methods For Industrial Mixing 5
PE0200 Applied Petroleum Refinery Processing 5
PE0212 CO2 Removal System 3
PE0213 Lubricants & Grease Plant Operations 5
PE0214 Molecular Sieves 5
PE0215 Dehydrating Columns 5
PE0217(KJ1) Crude Oil Sweetening Process (H2S Removal) 2
PE0218(AD8) Global Lubricants 5
PE0219(KJ1) Crude Oil De-Salting Process 5
PE0220 Salt Removal from Crude Oil 5
PE0220(KJ1) Salt Removal from Crude Oil 5
PE0221 Operation of the Hydrocarbon Process Equipment: Fired Heaters, Air Coolers, Heat Exchangers, Pumps, Compressors, Crude Desalter, Pressure Vessels & Valves 5
PE0222(SM1) Process Equipment Performance & Troubleshooting: Fired Heaters, Heat Exchangers, Pumps, Compressors & Control Valves 5
PE0223 Crude Dehydration & Desalting 5
PE0225 Molecular Sieves Dryer-Adsorption 5
PE0225(AD6) Separators in Oil & Gas Industry 3
PE0226(KJ1) Oil & Gas Processing 3
PE0227(KJ1) Plant Startup & Shutdown 5
PE0228 Start-up & Troubleshooting of Existing Process Plants 5
PE0229(KJ1) Process Plant Start-up and Troubleshooting (Certification Training Program) 5
PE0230 Process Plant Start-up, Commissioning & Troubleshooting 5
PE0230(KJ1) Process Plant Start-Up, Commissioning & Troubleshooting 5
PE0231(KJ1) Process Gas Plant Start-up, Commissioning & Problem Solving 4
PE0232 Startup & Shutdown the Plant While Handling Abnormal Conditions 5
PE0232(KJ1) Startup & Shutdown the Plant-Subunits while Handling Abnormal Conditions 3
PE0233(GA2) Process Plant Start-Up & Shutdown 5
PE0233(KP4) Process Plant Start-Up and Shutdown 4
PE0234(AR1) AGE 242 CE Pre-Commissioning/ Commissioning and Process Plant Start-up 5
PE0235(KJ1) Plant Operation & Commissioning 5
PE0236(SI7) Commissioning 5
PE0237(QA1) Process Plant Commissioning, Start-up & Troubleshooting 3
PE0239(KJ1) Crude Oil Loading System 5
PE0240 Liquid Bulk Cargo Handling: CRUDE OIL & LNG: Storage, Separation, Loading, Unloading, Marine Operations, Dehydration, Desalting, Measurement and Calculations 5
PE0241 Composites and Relevant Application in the Industry 5
PE0242 Practical Composites in Industry 5
PE0243 Separation Techniques in Petroleum Industries 5
PE0244 Monitoring System, Well Commissioning & Incident Investigation 10
PE0245 Separation Process Technology in the Industry 5
PE0248 Safe Shutdown and Start up 3
PE0251 Production Operations, Control & Safety 5
PE0253 Process Liquid, Process Handling and Measuring Equipment 10
PE0254 Advanced Production Operations, Reporting & Control Systems 10
PE0255 Gas Power Plant Fuel Handling Systems 5
PE0256(AR1) AFO and Jet Fuel Product Handling (CHE 114) 5
PE0257 Jet A-1 Handling 2
PE0261 Flowline Incident Reporting & Control of Field Operating Parameters 5
PE0263 Operation of Process Equipment: Fired Heaters, Air Coolers, Heat Exchangers, Pumps, Compressors, Pressure Vessels & Valves 5
PE0264 Develop and Analyze Production Reports & Achieving Operational Excellence 5
PE0265 Steam Trapping, Control & Troubleshooting 5
PE0266 Steam Trapping and Control 5
PE0277 LNG Measurements and Calculations 5
PE0278 LNG Process Plant Operations 5
PE0279 LNG Plant Operations 5
PE0280 Gas Processing For LNG & LPG Plants 5
PE0281(QA1) Reciprocating & Screw Compressors (Production Perspective) 1
PE0282(QA1) Centrifugal Compressors (Production Perspective) 1
PE0283(QA1) Steam Turbines (Production Perspective) 1
PE0284 LPG Blending Plant Start-Up, Commissioning & Troubleshooting 5
PE0285 Gas Treatment, Sweetening & Sulphur Recovery 5
PE0286 Process Plant Start Up and Shutdown 4
PE0288(QP1) Gas Treating & Sulfur Recovery 5
PE0288(AR1) Gas Treating & Sulfur Recovery 4W
PE0289 Steam Reformer Design, Operation & Maintenance 5
PE0290 Troubleshooting Refineries and Petrochemical Plants 5
PE0291 ADNOC - LNG Process Operations 5
PE0298 Gas Conditioning Intermediate 5
PE0300 Gas Conditioning, Treatment & Processing Technology 5
PE0300(KJ1) Gas Conditioning & Processing Technology 5
PE0300A(KJ1) Gas Conditioning & Processing Technology 5
PE0300(AD6) Gas Conditioning & Processing 5
PE0300B(AD6) Gas Conditioning & Processing 5
PE0300(KP1) Gas Conditioning & Processing 5
PE0301 Gas Conditioning Foundations 5
PE0301(KP4) Gas Conditioning Foundations 5
PE0302 Gas & LPG Conditioning & Processing Technology: Treatment, NGL Recovery, LPG Production, Sweetening, Storage, SRU & Tail-Gas Cleanup 5
PE0303(KO3) LPG Filling-Depot & Loading Stations 4
PE0304 Wet Stock Control in Filling Station 3
PE0305 Fuel Gas Conditioning (Diesel Fuel System) for Gas Turbines 5
PE0306 Fuel Storage and Management 5
PE0307 Fuel Storage and Management (Basic) 5
PE0308 Filling Station Management 2
PE0309 Safe Dispensing of Gasoline in Filling Station 4
PE0310 Gas Sweetening & Sulphur Recovery 5
PE0311(QA1) Gas Sweetening & Claus Reaction Technology 3
PE0312 Booster Station Utilities Foundations 5
PE0313 Gas Conditioning & Processing, Gas Treating & Sulphur Recovery 5
PE0314 Gas Conditioning and Processing G-4 10
PE0315 Gas Field Operations: Gas Processing, Hydrates, Dehydration, Sweetening, NGL Recovery, Fractionation, Sulphur Recovery and Handling 5
PE0316 Gas Processing/G2 3
PE0318(GA2) Sulphur Recovery & Troubleshooting 5
PE0320 NGL & Refrigerant Extraction and Fractionation 5
PE0323(KJ1) NGL Recovery & NGL Fractionation 4
PE0324 Fractionators 3
PE0325 Petrochemical Process Reactor Control, Operation & Maintenance 5
PE0326(GA2) Steam Turbine & Process Control 5
PE0329(KJ1) Gas Dehydration Process & Troubleshooting 3
PE0330 Dehydration and Hydrate Prevention 5
PE0331(KJ1) Gas Dehydration Process 5
PE0332 Natural Gas Dehydration 5
PE0333 Applied Natural Gas Processing, Dehydration & Advanced Rotating Equipment 5
PE0334 Gas Composition Measurement 5
PE0335 Blow Molding Technology 5
PE0336 Glycol Regeneration Process Operations 3
PE0338 HYSYS 5
PE0339 Aspen HYSYS: Process Modeling 5
PE0340 Process Simulation Using Hysys 5
PE0341(AR1) Hydrocarbon Process Design and Modeling 5
PE0342(AD6) HYSYS Basic 3
PE0343 Process Simulation with ASPEN and HYSYS (Dynamics) 5
PE0344 Process Simulation with ASPEN and HYSYS (Advanced) 5
PE0345 FDP-1 Hot Oil Heater Training 5
PE0346 Training on Use of Hysys Simulation 1
PE0348(KP4) Hydro-Treatment Process 5
PE0350 Hydrocarbon Dewpoint (HCDP) Control 5
PE0355 Petrochemical Movement, Storage, Handling, Transportation & Troubleshooting 5
PE0356 Certified Oil & Gas Pipeline Operator 5
PE0360 Natural Gas Process Equipment Design 5
PE0365 FDP-1 Nitrogen Air Package 4
PE0366(OR1) Morphylane Operation, Control & Troubleshooting 3
PE0367 Plant Technical Knowledge (Engineering for Non- Engineering) 5
PE0368 Nitrogen Production & Distribution 3
PE0371 Chemical Cleaning in Refineries & Petrochemical Plants 5
PE0372 Clean Fuel Technology & Standards 5
PE0373 Hydroprocessing for Clean Energy: Design, Operation and Optimization 5
PE0374 Refinery Material Balance Calculations 5
PE0375(KP4) Process Heaters 4
PE0376(KJ1) Process Heaters (Operations, Control, Safety & Trouble Shooting) 3
PE00377(GA2 Fired Process Heater Operation, Control & Troubleshooting 5
PE0378 Heat and Material Balance 5
PE0379 Heat Mass Balance 5
PE0380 Fired Process Heaters (FPH) 5
PE0381(KJ1) Process Fired Heaters 2
PE0382 Heat Exchangers & Fired Heaters Operation & Troubleshooting 5
PE0383(SM1) Operations Equipment Performance & Troubleshooting: Fired Heaters & Heat Exchangers, Pumps & Compressors 3
PE0385 Furnace Operations & Troubleshooting: Fired Process Heaters 5
PE0386(GA2) Furnace Operation and Troubleshooting 5
PE0389 Fundamentals of Distillation for Engineers 3
PE0390 Distillation-Column Operation, Control & Troubleshooting 5
PE0391(KP4) Distillation Operation and Troubleshooting 4
PE0392 Depropanizer 3
PE0393(GA2) Distillation Operation & Design 5
PE0394 Clean Fuel Project Technology 5
PE0395 Propane and Quality Product 5
PE0400 Crude Oil Storage & Management 5
PE0402 Crude Stabilization Operations 5
PE0403 Crude Oil Storage Facilities: Operations, Control & Troubleshooting 5
PE0404 CPF Specific 8
PE0410 Troubleshooting Surface Production Operations 5
PE0415 Logistics 3
PE0420 Amine Gas Sweetening and Sulphur Recovery 5
PE0421 Sulphur Plant Reliability 5
PE0422 Refinery SRU, Tail Gas Treating, Sour Water & Amine Recovery Units 4
PE0423 Crackers Feed Gas Sweetening & Amine Washing Unit 5
PE0424 Advanced and Modern Technology on Refinery Gas Treating, Amine System, Sulfur and Tail Gas 5
PE0425 Amine & Gas Dehydration 5
PE0430 Polymerization and Plastic Materials 5
PE0431 Introduction to Rheology 5
PE0432 Processing and Rheology of Polyolefin 5
PE0435 PVC Manufacturing & Process Troubleshooting 5
PE0436 Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) Manufacturing & Process Troubleshooting 5
PE0437 Monomer Handling Safety 5
PE0440 Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 5
PE0445(KJ1) Field Handling of Natural Gas 5
PE0447(KP1) Introduction to Gas Production, Distribution, Sales & Marketing 4
PE0448(KP4) Fundamentals of Natural Gas Processing 5
PE0450 Plastic Additives Selection, Application & Troubleshooting 5
PE0455 GRP Glass Reinforced Plastic Technology 5
PE0460 The Science and Technology of PVC 5
PE0470 Practical Sulfonation and Sulfation Technology 5
PE0474 Basic Painting & Coating Technology 5
PE0475 Advanced Painting & Coating Technology 5
PE0476 Advanced Powder Application (Powder Coating, Plastic Application and Paint Application) 5
PE0477 Paints, Plastic and Powder Coating 5
PE0480 Advanced Distillation Troubleshooting 5
PE0485(OR1) Process of Crude ATM & Vacuum Distillation Unit 5
PE0486 Crude Distillation Process & Sat Gas Process Technology 4
PE0490 Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Technology 5
PE0492 Diesel, Naphtha, Kerosene Hydrotreater Unit for Engineers 5
PE0495 Gasoline Oxygenates Technology 5
PE0500 Fuel Quality (Gasoline) 2
PE0501 CHE 113CE Fuel Quality Monitoring System Fundamentals for Engineers 5
PE0504 Basic Operational Troubleshooting of Water & Gas Processing Units 5
PE0505(SM1) Basic Operations Skills 5
PE0510 Fuel Quality (Diesel) 2
PE0525 Water Networks Operation 5
PE0526 Water Handling Unit Operation 5
PE0528 Flare Relief Systems RES 10
PE0529 Operation of High Flow High Pressure (HFHP) Water Injection Pump 5
PE0531 Flare, Blowdown & Pressure Relief Systems: Operation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting 5
PE0531(KJ1) Plant Shutdown System & Flare Systems 5
PE0532(AD6) Flare & Over Pressure Protection Systems 5
PE0533 Relief and Flare Systems 5
PE0534(KJ1) Flare System 2
PE0537(PD1) Flare and Relief System 5
PE0538 Flaring Utilization & Reduction from Oil Production Fields and from Oil Stations 5
PE0549 Gasoline Blending for Refineries 5
PE0560 Bulk Liquid Storage Tanks 5
PE0561 Tank Mixer 5
PE0562(KJ1) Pre-Settling & Storage Tanks 5
PE0563 Stock Management & Tank Dipping Calculation 5
PE0570 Process Simulation 5
PE0572(AR1) PROMAX Simulation (CHE 308) 5
PE0580 MTBE Production, Blending & Process Troubleshooting 5
PE0583 Plastic Extrusion Technology: Design, Operation & Troubleshooting 5
PE0585 Manufacturing Processes: Extrusion, Injection, Molding, Separation and Casting 5
PE0586 An Introduction to Plastics Conversation: Plastic - Materials, Formulation, Processing, Applications 3
PE0588 Technical Skills (Troubleshooting) Blown Film 3
PE0589 Troubleshooting Plastics Conversion Process (Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Pipe Extraction etc) 5
PE0590 Plastic & Rubber Manufacturing & Processes Troubleshooting 5
PE0591 Rubber Compounding and Processing 5
PE0595 Corrosion of Plastics 5
PE0605 Ammonia Manufacturing & Process Troubleshooting 5
PE0606 Ammonia Storage & Loading Systems 5
PE0610 Lube Oil Additives 5
PE0615 TAME Manufacturing & Process Troubleshooting 5
PE0619 Customized LPDE Process Technology 3
PE0620 Polyethylene & Polypropylene Manufacturing & Process Troubleshooting 5
PE0621 Petrochemical Manufacturing Process & Troubleshooting 5
PE0623 Ethylene Manufacturing 5
PE0624 Petrochemical Manufacturing Monitoring & Troubleshooting 5
PE0625 Introduction to Polypropylene Technology 4
PE0626 Ethylene Furnace Design and Safe Operation: Optimization of Ethylene Cracking Furnaces 5
PE0627 Ethylene Manufacturing Process 5
PE0628 Advanced Turbo Expander Compressor Technology in Ethylene Plants: Turbo Expander Operation, Performance, Maintenance & Troubleshooting 5
PE0629 Polyethylene Flexible Packaging 5
PE0630 Urea Manufacturing Process Technology 5