Topic outline

  • Effective Meeting Skills

    This course provides an overview of all significant aspects and considerations of effective meeting skills for managers and all employees who need to conduct meetings effectively and efficiently and those who have to present business meetings and make presentations to individuals, groups or conferences.

    Effective Meeting Skills

    • Training Methodology & Objectives

      Training Methodology

      This Trainee-centered course includes the following training methodologies:-

      • Talking presentation Slides (PPT with audio)
      • Simulation & Animation
      • Exercises
      • Videos
      • Case Studies
      • Gamification (learning through games)
      • Quizzes, Pre-test & Post-test

      Course Objectives

      After completing the course, the employee will:-

      Apply and gain an in-depth knowledge on effective meeting skills Learn how to plan, schedule and organize meetings
      Prepare meeting venue with proper layout to facilitate meeting objectives, seating arrangements and required meeting support systems Ensure availability of support to take care participants needs
      Prepare agenda, minutes of meetings, taking attendance Understand the roles of the chairperson, facilitator, minute taker and attendees
      Identify the types and purposes of meetings Review the agenda to cover during and after the meeting
      Plan for meeting and send out meeting reminders Start on time, keep it short and simple, stay on topic and take smaller meetings outside the conference room
      Carryout different approach, use technology and send out a meeting summary Recognize the most effective type of meeting and deal with stressful meetings in a professional manner
      Take a time-out, acknowledge your triggers, address your fears and resist hostility Manage time in a meeting effectively by identifying goals for the meeting
      Create an agenda with time references as well as identify and work with a timekeeper Write effective minutes of a meeting, focus on listening and take the time to properly prepare for the meeting in advance
      Use templates, meet and discuss the meeting with the chairperson in advance and talk to attendees before the meeting Be prepared, sit next to the chairperson, type the notes into the final minutes document and write objectively
      Apply various ways to be a better meeting participant, come prepared and think before you speak Ask questions of others, put your phone away, speak with confidence and use the rule of three
      Use powerful words, practice out loud, choose your spots and apply techniques of effective listening for effective meetings Focus on the speaker, look at body language, ask for clarification by rephrasing, keep an open mind and focus on the overall picture
      • Course Description

        Running effective meetings is one thing every good manager must be able to do. How can a manager ensure that people show up on time? Communicate with each other? Get things done after the meeting? In this course, you will learn how to establish goals for your meetings, set realistic agendas, work with others on meeting etiquette, and create plans to turn decisions into actions.
        This E-Learning course is designed to provide participants with a detailed and up-to-date overview of effective meeting skills. It covers the types and purposes of meetings; the agenda to cover during and after the meeting; planning for meeting and sending out meeting reminders; starting on time, keeping it short and simple, staying on topic and taking smaller meetings outside the conference room; using technology; and sending out a meeting summary.
        Further, the course will also discuss the most effective type of meeting; dealing with stressful meetings; taking a time-out, acknowledging your triggers, addressing your fears and resisting hostility; managing time in a meeting by identifying goals for the meeting; creating an agenda with time references; identifying and working with a timekeeper; and writing effective minutes.
        During this interactive course, participants will learn the focus on listening and taking the time to properly prepare for the meeting in advance; using templates; talking to attendees before the meeting; be prepared, sitting next to the chairperson, typing the notes into the final minutes document and writing objectively; the various ways to be a better meeting participant, come prepared and thinking before you speak; asking questions to others, putting your phone away, speaking with confidence and using the rule of three; using powerful words, practicing out loud, choosing your spots and applying techniques of effective listening for effective meetings; focusing on the speaker; looking at body language; asking for clarification by rephrasing; keeping an open mind; and focusing on the overall picture.
        • Module 01 - Introduction

            • Effective Meeting Skills
            • Course Objectives
            • Module 1 Introduction
            • The Types of Meetings
            • Video: Importance of Meetings
            • Purposes of Meetings
            • Before a Meeting
            • What to Include in the Agenda
            • During the Meeting
            • After the Meeting
            • Video: How to Organize an Effective Meeting?
            • Module Quiz
          • Module 02 - Planning for Meeting

              • Decide If You Really Need a Meeting
              • Only Invite Those Who Really Need to Be There
              • Send Out Meeting Reminders
              • Video: How to Plan a Team Meeting - Project Management Training
              • Have an Agenda
              • Video: How to Create Powerful Meeting Agendas
              • Be Clear About Expectations
              • Module Quiz
            • Module 03 - During and after the Meeting

                • Start on Time
                • Video: 12 Meeting Etiquette Every Professional Should Know
                • Keep It Short and Simple
                • Stay on Topic
                • Take Smaller Meetings Outside the Conference Room
                • Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Different Approach
                • Use Technology
                • Video: How To Keep Teams Focused During Meetings
                • Send out a Meeting Summary
                • Planning Problems
                • Module Quiz
              • Module 04 - Types of Meetings

                  • The Most Effective Type of Meeting
                  • Decision Making Meetings
                  • Information-Sharing Meetings
                  • Video: Chairing a Meeting
                  • Negotiation Meetings
                  • Problem-Solving Meetings
                  • Motivational Meetings
                  • Project-Management Meetings
                  • Creative Meetings
                  • Meeting Roles
                  • Video: Types of Business Meetings
                  • Module Quiz
                • Module 05 - How to Deal with Stressful Meetings

                    • Video: 7 Ways To Reduce Stress In Meetings
                    • Video: Example of Poorly Managed Meeting
                    • Module Quiz
                  • Module 06 - Why Meetings Stress You Out

                      • Stressor #1: Public Speaking
                      • Stressor #2: Technology Problems
                      • Video: How to Speak in Meetings with Confidence and Authority
                      • Stressor #3: You have No Time to do Your Own Work
                      • Conclusion
                      • Video: How to Have Better Meetings
                      • Module Quiz
                    • Module 07 - Time Management

                        • How to Effectively Manage Time in a Meeting
                        • Video: Time Management Tutorial: Keep Your Meetings on Topic
                        • Video: How to Effectively Manage Time in a Meeting
                        • Module Quiz
                      • Module 08 - Writing Minutes of Meeting

                          • What are Meeting Minutes?
                          • How Can I Write Effective Minutes of a Meeting?
                          • Video: How to Take Meeting Notes
                          • Video: How to Be a Master Minute Taker
                          • Module Quiz
                        • Module 09 - Be a Better Meeting Participant

                            • Come Prepared
                            • Think Before you Speak
                            • Be Willing to Speak 
                            • Video: How To Effectively Contribute To Team Meetings
                            • Listen
                            • Ask Questions of Others
                            • Video: Virtual Meeting Netiquette | Participants Tips
                            • Module Quiz
                          • Module 10 - How to Speak with Confidence

                              • Step 1: Manage Your Mindset
                              • Video: Conducting Outward Mindset Meetings
                              • Step 2: Prepare Your Points
                              • Step 3: Stay Present to Spot Opportunities
                              • Video: How To Be More Confident In Virtual Meetings
                              • Module Quiz
                            • Module 11 - Effective Listening for Effective Meetings

                                • Techniques of Effective Listening for Effective Meetings
                                • Focus on the Speaker
                                • Look at Body Language
                                • Ask for Clarification by Rephrasing
                                • Keep an Open Mind
                                • Focus on the Overall Picture
                                • Video: Effective Listening Skills
                                • Module Quiz
                              • Module 12 - Case Studies and Exercises

                                  • Purpose
                                  • Objective
                                  • Setup
                                  • Timing
                                  • Discussion
                                • Post-Test

                                  Kindly complete the post-test to assess your knowledge about the topic after the course.