Topic outline

  • Developing Personal Resilience

    This course provides systematic techniques and methodologies in developing personal resilience for all employees in an organization in conjunction with manager’s version that has the ability to recover quickly from setbacks and adversity that stay committed and increase their efforts when the going gets tough.

    Developing Personal Resilience

    • Training Methodology & Objectives

      Training Methodology

      This Trainee-centered course includes the following training methodologies:-

      • Talking presentation Slides (PPT with audio)
      • Simulation & Animation
      • Exercises
      • Videos
      • Case Studies
      • Gamification (learning through games)
      • Quizzes, Pre-test & Post-test

      Course Objectives

      After completing the course, the employee will:-

      Apply and gain an in-depth knowledge on developing personal resilience Have an increase self-confidence, self-worth, and personal credibility leading to enhance performance
      Have greater behavioral flexibility in order to build better business relationships due to raised self-awareness leading to a change in attitude and mind set Develop the ability and skill to influence others assertively and effectively
      Understand and practice techniques for maintaining emotional control in challenging circumstances Understand and have practiced how to ask for advice or clarification to maintain performance when facing challenging or stressful situations
      Understand the importance of personal resilience in the work context Discuss resilience, pressure, stress and adversity and the importance of resilience
      Identify work pressure, work stress, adversity, the power of forgiveness and taking your strength from something bigger than yourself Accept others’ help, don’t apologize for being confident and define boundaries
      Explain the common misconception about boundaries and boost your resilience Visualize success, boost your self-esteem, take control and become more optimistic
      Manage stress, improve decision-making, ask for help and deal with conflict Carryout emotional intelligence, self-awareness, self-management and social awareness
      Apply relationship management, avoid conflict, improve your emotional intelligence and build a resilience development plan
      • Course Description

        Today’s workplace is increasingly complex and challenging; employees are being asked to be more adaptive and creative with available resources. This requires personal resilience and mental strength to thrive in this continually changing landscape and maintain productivity, health and happiness. Leaders, in addition to developing their own personal resilience, are also tasked to develop resilient teams.
        Personal resilience is the capacity to maintain wellbeing and work performance under pressure, including being able to bounce-back from setbacks effectively. Our natural resilience is a combination of personal characteristics and learned skills – but most importantly the quality can always be developed whatever an individual’s starting point; and in times of change and growth it’s becoming increasingly important for individual and business performance.

        Our training approach in this area recognizes this reality and integrates both of these core influences on resilience. Resilience training is relevant for leaders and non-managers and is designed to help delegates understand, build and develop their resilience in order to respond effectively to the challenges of their roles.

        This E-Learning course will help delegates to understand how to develop a positive mental attitude to work by being able to recognize and use stress in a positive and practical way. Managing stress in this way will transfer the negative energy in stressful and channel it into positive action.

        The participants will discover “common sense” approach to time planning, identifying areas that create problems and waste of time and devising strategies to minimize any negative effect. Participants will devise and set personal goals to improve productivity and increase job satisfaction. Participants will be able to analyze problems and seek solutions to issues relating directly to them using well-proven techniques easily assimilated and useful in the workplace.

        In this developing personal resilience course, we will explore the most common workplace stressors and challenges and cover the reasons why they can impact us profoundly. You will then develop a complete understanding of the concept of resilience in the workplace and building emotional resilience techniques and skills required to develop this capacity.

        • Module 01 - Resilience, Pressure, Stress & Adversity

            • Developing Personal Resilience
            • Course Objectives
            • Module 1 Resilience, Pressure, Stress & Adversity
            • What is Work Pressure?
            • Video: How Job Stress Affects Your Health
            • What is Work Stress?
            • What is Adversity?
            • Video: 5 Ways to Overcome Adversity
            • Module Quiz
          • Module 02 - Resilience versus Resistance

              • Video: Building Resilience: 5 Ways to a Better Life
              • Resilience versus Resistance
              • Video: Supporting Resilience
              • Module Quiz
            • Module 03 - Defining Boundaries

                • What is a Boundary?
                • A Common Misconception About Boundaries
                • Video: What Are Boundaries?
                • Video: Personal Boundaries Explained - Setting The Emotional Boundaries You Need
                • Module Quiz
              • Module 04 - Resilience Questionnaire

                  • Video: How Marshmallows Predict Your Success
                  • Module Quiz
                • Module 05 - How to Boost Your Resilience (Part 1)

                    • 1. Visualize Success
                    • 2. Boost your Self-Esteem
                    • 3. Take Control
                    • 4. Become More Optimistic
                    • 5. Manage Stress
                    • Video: Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full? Optimist vs Pessimist
                    • Video: How To Build Unshakable Resilience
                    • Module Quiz
                  • Module 06 - How to Boost Your Resilience (Part 2)

                      • 6. Improve Decision-Making
                      • Video: How To Manage Team Conflict In Under 6 Minutes!
                      • 7. Ask for Help
                      • 8. Deal with Conflict
                      • 9. Learn
                      • 10. Be Yourself
                      • Video: How to Keep Learning New Things Every Day
                      • Module Quiz
                    • Module 07 - Emotional Intelligence: Self Awareness

                        • Emotional Intelligence
                        • Self-Awareness
                        • Video: What Is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)? Why It's Key to Career Growth
                        • Video: Build Self-Awareness to Develop Influence
                        • Module Quiz
                      • Module 08 - Emotional Intelligence: Social Awareness and Self Management

                          • Self-Management
                          • Art of Self-Management
                          • Social Awareness
                          • Video: Emotional Intelligence Social Awareness
                          • Video: Self Management
                          • Module Quiz
                        • Module 09 - Emotional Intelligence: Relationship Manager

                            • Relationships
                            • Relationship Management
                            • Video: Tone of Voice in Communication
                            • Improving our Emotional Intelligence
                            • Video: Top 5 Difficult People in the Workplace
                            • Module Quiz
                          • Module 10 - Building a Resilience Development Plan

                              • Building a Resilience Plan
                              • Video: How to Be Funny - Humor on Resilience
                              • Video: Positive Reframing
                              • Module Quiz
                            • Post-Test

                              Kindly complete the post-test to assess your knowledge about the topic after the course.